Innovation in Wellbeing Scholarship

The “Innovation in Wellbeing” scholarship will be awarded to current, full-time students in any NUNM program.  The purpose of these scholarships is to spark creativity in future natural health professionals to do their part in creating a healthier community. This scholarship is made available through the generosity of Michael Chilton, a long-time supporter of NUNM, through the Michael and Simone Chilton Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation.

Michael Chilton pages through one of the rare botanical books he donated to the NUNM Library.

Additional Scholarship Criteria

There are no additional criteria beyond the core criteria. Eligible students from all NUNM programs are welcome to apply.

Essay Requirement

Answer both of the following questions in 470-500 total words.  

1. Part 1: What do you see are current barriers or challenges for individuals and communities to achieve desired levels of health and wellbeing?

2. Part 2: If financial and other barriers were non-existent, discuss the innovative (i.e., ORIGINAL and creative) way you would utilize your education from NUNM to serve your community and help to create a healthier society.