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NUNM Key Policy

IMPORTANT – You will be asked to sign for your key when it is issued. Your signature indicates both your receipt of this key and your understanding of your obligation to pay for re-keying expenses associated with loss of a key. Currently the minimum charge incurred by the college is $100 when one door needs to be re-keyed. Multiple doors or loss of master keys can result in substantial expenses to NUNM, and such expenses WILL be passed on to the responsible party.

You may NOT lend this key without the express written consent of the Facilities Manager. You are responsible for the key and insuring that it is used appropriately. Codes to secure areas such as the mailroom and staff lounge at NUNM are confidential and may NOT be given to others, including students. Please recognize your role in safeguarding NUNM property!

I have read and agree to the NUNM Key Policy.