Academic Calendar



Summer Quarter Begins (clinic)6/26/20237/1/2024
July 4 Holiday (campus & clinics closed)7/4/20237/4/2024
Summer Academic Classes Begin7/5/2023
Summer Tuition & Fees Due7/21/20237/26/2024
Summer Academic Classes End8/30/2023
Labor Day Holiday (campus & clinics closed)9/4/20239/2/2024
New Student Orientation9/5-9/7/20239/9-9/13
White Coat Ceremony9/8/2023TBD
Summer Quarter Ends9/9/20239/14/2024
Summer Grades Posted9/15/20239/20/2024


Fall Quarter Begins9/11/20239/16/2024
Last Day to Add or Change Sections9/22/20239/27/2024
Fall Tuition & Fees Due9/29/202310/4/2024
Last Day to Drop Classes 10/13/202311/18/2024
Veterans Day (campus & clinics closed)11/10/202311/11/2024
Clinic Holiday 1 – Thanksgiving Week Session11/20-22/202311/25-27/2024
Thanksgiving Break, No Academic Classes 11/20-25/202311/25-30/2024
Thanksgiving Holiday (campus & clinics closed)11/23 -25/202311/28-30/2024
Fall Quarter Ends12/9/202312/14/2024
Fall Grades Posted12/15/202312/20/2024
Winter Break, No Academic Classes12/11/2023-01/7/202412/16/2024-1/4/2025
Clinic Holiday 2 – Post-Fall Session12/11-16/202312/16-12/21/2024
Clinic Holiday 2.5 – Pre-Winter Session12/18-12/23/2023n/a
Winter Break, Campus Closed12/25/2023-1/1/202412/23-12/28/2024
New Year's Holiday (campus & clinics closed)1/1/20241/1/2025
Clinic Holiday 31/2-6/202412/30/24-1/4/2025


Winter Quarter Begins1/8/20241/6/2025
Last Day to Add or Change Sections1/19/20241/17/2025
Martin Luther King Day (campus & clinics closed)1/15/20241/20/2025
Winter Tuition & Fees Due1/26/20241/24/2025
Last Day to Drop Classes 2/9/20242/7/2025
Last Day to Petition to Graduate3/29/20243/28/2025
Winter Quarter Ends3/30/20243/29/2025
Spring Break, No Academic Classes4/1-4/6/20243/30-4/5/2025
Clinic Holiday 4 – Spring Break Sessionn/a3/31-4/5/2025
Clinic Holiday 5 – Spring Break Session4/1-4/6/2024n/a
Friday of Spring Break Holiday (campus & clinics closed)4/5/20244/4/2025
Winter Grades Posted4/5/20244/4/2025


Spring Quarter Begins4/8/20244/7/2025
Last Day to Add or Change Sections4/19/20244/18/2025
Spring Tuition & Fees Due4/26/20244/25/2025
Last Day to Drop Classes5/10/20245/9/2025
Memorial Day (campus & clinics closed)5/27/20245/26/2025
Juneteenth (campus & clinics closed)6/19/20246/19/2025
Spring Quarter Ends6/29/20246/28/2025
Spring Grades Posted7/5/20247/4/2025