Whole Family Finds Care at Beaverton Health Center

Kiran Rajput first came to the NUNM Health Center in Beaverton to get a work-related vaccination. Impressed with her experience, she then sought help for her husband Rajesh’s persistent high blood pressure. His treatments went so well that visits have become a family affair. Both parents get healthcare advice and treatment at the clinic, as do their children, son Savir, age 8; and daughter Samika, age 5.

Kiran summarized the family’s experience in one word: “great.” She especially appreciates the advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes they have received. Her husband had consulted several MDs for his high blood pressure and tried a variety of medicines, to no avail.

At the Beaverton clinic, though, doctors changed his medication, recommended a new exercise regimen and diet changes. The new approach worked, “and he is feeling much better,” said Kiran.

The family, originally from India and Pakistan, were already fans of natural approaches in medicine, and were glad to find a place that offered alternatives to standard Western medicine. For example, she said, her son Savir “was really sick” last year with throat and ear infections. His mother was worried about using too many over-the-counter cold medications and brought him to the clinic. The naturopathic approaches recommended by second-year resident Amanda Watters, ND (’15), did the trick and mom couldn’t be happier.

“They are nice and make it comfortable,” Kiran Rajput said of the clinic staff and doctors. “They take more time and listen.” She also appreciates that the clinic follows up to see how everyone is doing.

And, since the family is uninsured, they are glad for not only the good care, but its affordability, she said. The clinic, largely funded as a safety-net center through grants from Washington County, was launched in 2014 for exactly that purpose.