NUNM Changed My Life

Naturopathic medicine and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) student, Blake Langley, was featured by the American Association of Naturopathic Medicine Colleges (AANMC). Blake says “NUNM changed my life. The person I was six year ago is very different from the man and clinician that I am today.” Blake talks about his journey to ND school from meeting with our admissions team, to realizing NUNM is a safe space to express his opinions. He also felt supported to go after other interests including his LMT license and adding on our Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program.

His greatest advice to anyone looking into naturopathic medicine school “is to remain humble and open to other philosophies. In naturopathic medicine, we have the opportunity to learn from an array of lineages to promote diversity of thought and practice.” Read the full AANMC article.

Want to hear more from Blake? Watch Blake’s webinar. He discusses what it takes to thrive as a naturopathic medical student. From balancing school and life responsibilities to building your resume and experience to prepare you for an ND career you will love, Blake will give you the full picture of being a medical student at NUNM.