Treating Arthritis with Natural Medicine

Woman sitting on floor and holding foot with hands

Did you know that arthritis is the number one reason people go on disability in this country? The American Association for Natural Medicine Colleges (AANMC) says that “currently, only symptom modifying drugs are licensed by the FDA for use. These are largely pain reducing therapies that are limited in efficacy and can have life-threatening side effects as well as significant toxicity.” NUNM Alumna, Tyna Moore, ND (’08), DC, discusses her naturopathic modalities for treating arthritis with the AANMC. Dr. Moore prescribes her patients to “decrease sugar, increase healthy protein and fats, balance hormones and get adequate daily movement and strengthening for their joints.”

Read everything Dr. Moore has to say and read more from other NDs on arthritis in the AANMC’s Naturopathic Approaches to Arthritis article.