2024 Chinese New Year: Celebrate with NUNM

Series of events grounds festivities with the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine. 

NUNM Chinese New Year 2024

As the National University of Natural Medicine community eagerly anticipates the Chinese New Year, our campus is abuzz with celebrations blending tradition, community and the essence of classical Chinese medicine (CCM).  

Join us for a series of events designed to bring the students, faculty, staff and all together, including a traditional tea ceremony, an insightful Bazi discussion and a delightful banquet celebration. 

Tea Ceremony 

Wednesday, February 7, 9-11 AM, Qigong Room (305) 

Kickstart the Lunar New Year with a NUNM celebration infused with the principles of CCM. Enjoy traditional tea served in the Qigong Room, creating an atmosphere of balance and wellness synonymous with CCM practices. 

Bazi Discussion with Harry King 

Wednesday, February 7, 10-11 AM, Qigong Room (305) 

Explore the Chinese metaphysical art of Bazi with Harry King and unravel insights into the Year of the Dragon.  

Gratitude Cards for CCM Staff and Faculty 


Location: Outside the library 

Craft personalized gratitude notes for CCM staff and faculty using materials outside the library. Be on the lookout for more details from your CCM class representative.  

Banquet Celebration at Happy Dragon Restaurant 

Friday, February 9, 6 PM, Happy Dragon Restaurant 

Conclude the festivities with a banquet at Happy Dragon Restaurant. Join us for a delightful evening of Chinese cuisine, community bonding, and reflections on the auspicious Year of the Dragon. Check your NUNM email for details to RSVP. Space is limited! 

As we embark into the Year of the Dragon, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Student Government Association (SGA), the dedicated members of the Tea Club, and the passionate individuals from Student Life for their efforts in bringing these events to fruition. Your commitment to fostering a sense of community, tradition, and well-being at NUNM has truly made this Lunar New Year celebration a harmonious experience for us all.