Our campus hums with an energy all its own. After all, we are attuned to serving the robust future of the field of natural medicine and holistic health. Our 5.4 acre campus, located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, is an urban setting infused with natural beauty, culture and social conscience. We offer a tightly knit, inspiring learning environment and a vital, groundbreaking research community that extends in our classrooms and health centers and beyond. As a student, you will work with diverse communities in our community clinics and gain an appreciation of different practice settings. At NUNM, we are all about education and service – it’s what our students want and our patients need.

You will become a part of our community. To us, community means that you’ll belong to a group of individuals seeking to transform their own communities through health. You will have the benefit of interacting with students from many disciplines, all with similar views of health, healing and well-being.

Within our triangular footprint, our university consists of six buildings in close proximity to each other: the Academic Building; the Administration Building; the NUNM Lair Hill Health Center (one of nearly a dozen), designed for delivery of naturopathic and Chinese medicine; Radelet Hall, which houses a large classroom and conference rooms; and Helfgott Research Institute, located within a short walk from campus. Additionally, our Min Zidell Healing Garden is a unique teaching green space, weaving together both Eastern and Western plants inspired by feng shui design principles. We also have a community garden that flowers with lush plant life, from herbs to leafy vegetables.