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“I find that natural medicine offers an effective, more harmonized and less costly alternative direction to allopathic medicine,” says Michael Chilton of Turner, Oregon. “Natural medicine is based upon a philosophic direction of maintaining health and wellness, while the conventional US health care system emphasizes a philosophy based on technical recovery from illness and diseases. Assisting and allowing the body to heal itself is central to natural medicine.”

Mr. Chilton, a donor to NUNM since 2011, is a strong believer in supporting institutions like NUNM, which offer a more holistic approach to health care. “NUNM is a key element in actively changing the philosophy and direction of the medical profession. Fortunately for me, NUNM is very accessible, rapidly growing in professional acceptance and open to greater society. Should one think back on their life’s purpose, leaving a place in better condition than it was upon arrival could be one of the most important milestones.”

To learn more about becoming a major donor, please contact Amy McCormick, 503.552.1521.