Daniel Silver, MTCM, LAc

Associate Professor
  • Focus: Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
  • Education: Five Branches Institute, MTCM, 2006

Daniel Silver joined NUNM in 2012, with a passion for the traditions of Japanese acupuncture. He studied at International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine before graduating from Five Branches Institute with a Master in Oriental Medicine, and prior to this, Asian Studies at UC Berkeley.

Daniel is influenced by the healing arts traditions in Japan transmitted by visually impaired practitioners, and draws inspiration from classics such as Nan Jing, Nei Jing, and Shang Han Lun. Emphasis is on gentle hands-on perception and empirical applications. Careful palpation of the abdomen (“Hara”) helps create a narrative of a person’s life and condition, informing the acupuncture and herbal treatment; fine filiform needles are used, special gold and silver needles to contact the “qi”—though barely touch the skin; integrated bodywork addressing structural imbalances; and super pure direct moxa are often used.

Daniel enjoys working with students while supervising intern and observation shifts at the NUNM Health Centers, and, as well, sees patients in private practice.


  • Clinical Observation Rotation
  • Clinical Mentorship Rotation
  • Clinical Internship Rotation
  • Herbs IV-VI
  • Herbs Practicum IV-VI
  • Herbs Review/Medicinary Practicum