Youping Qin, Doctor of Medicine (China), LAc

Adjunct Faculty
  • Education: Chengdu University of TCM, Master of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine (China), 1999, 2002

Born into a family of classical Chinese medicine practitioners, Dr. Youping Qin brings more than 30 years of clinical experience in internal, neurological and pain medicine to the NUNM Health Centers. As a clinic supervisor, Dr. Qin treats a range of conditions; however, he specializes in treating soft-tissue injuries. Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion make up the foundation of Dr. Qin’s treatment approach. He also incorporates complementary treatments, including qigong exercises and tuina, a form of Chinese medical soft-tissue manipulation. Put simply and with profound intention, Dr. Qin “serves the people by relieving their pain.”

Dr. Qin earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in Chinese medicine (MD equivalent), Master of Medical Formulae Science degree, and Bachelor of Medicine degree from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Chengdu, China. Early in his career at the University of TCM, Dr. Qin was chief resident and instructor at their teaching hospital. He later became an associate professor and associate chief physician at the university’s Acupuncture and Tuina College. Dr. Qin has also been a visiting scholar and practitioner in Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland and Denmark.

While studying and practicing in Chendu, Dr. Qin was involved in many research projects, including studies on the effects of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment on epilepsy, Bell’s palsy, convalescent apoplexy, visual improvement, and more. He has more than 20 published articles in professional journals including The Journal of Chinese MedicineJournal of Sichuan Continuing Education College of Medical Sciences, and Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

As an NUNM College of Classical Chinese Medicine faculty member since 2001, Dr. Qin has taught Points III and IV, Technique III and IV, Classical Cases I, and CCM Diagnosis II, tuina and Advanced Technique II.  He is an investigator and an awarded Vanguard Faculty—helping integrate evidence-based medicine into the university’s curriculum—through NUNM’s Helfgott Research Institute. He also has a private practice at the Golden Needle Acupuncture Clinic in Portland.

In his free time, Dr. Qin enjoys reading, practicing taiji and qigong, hiking and traveling.

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  • Acu-Moxa Points IV
  • Acu-Moxa Techniques IV