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Search for Our 16th President

Portland, Oregon

Established in 1956, National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical university in North America and a leader in natural medicine education and evidence-based research. As one of the most respected universities of natural medicine in the world, our participation in international medical education and research is routinely solicited. We understand the healing power of nature, and that food is medicine.

NUNM is at a pivotal and exciting stage of growth. Our next president will be an inspirational and influential champion of NUNM’s mission and unique identity. A visionary leader, the person who assumes this role will build on NUNM’s rich history in the development of natural medicine in North America, educating and clinically training generations of naturopathic physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners whose unique and important contributions to the professions they serve are changing the face of health care.

Key Opportunities and Challenges

NUNM’s future president has overall responsibility for the university, providing leadership and oversight of all aspects of the university and its campus, including academics, finance and operations, planning, enrollment, student affairs, development, fundraising and donor relations. Reporting to the president are the provost, the chief financial officer and other key vice presidents who work with the president to ensure that the strategic direction of the university is aligned with its mission and values.

  • Embed the principles of the healing power of nature, service, sustainable living and self-healing in all NUNM operations, programs and activities
  • Diversify and continuously strengthen revenue streams and expand university resources through fundraising and other avenues
  • Brand NUNM as the voice of natural medicine
  • Strengthen, grow and promote the NUNM core programs
  • Increase awareness and support of institutional research and NUNM’s Helfgott Research Institute
  • Nurture partnerships and relationships to create and grow opportunities for the school, its campus, students and graduates
  • Grow and strengthen NUNM’s diverse community and culture of inclusiveness

Portrait of the Next NUNM President

Our new president will have the ability to articulate, support and advance the values upon which the programs of NUNM are built. It is imperative to continue to foster a community within NUNM that is both culturally safe, richly diverse, and cultivates a sense of engagement and belonging. To be successful, this person must understand, embrace and apply the sustainable values of natural medicine in all educational programming and in the operations of the campus itself. We are seeking a collaboratively minded leader who will work with the campus community and external constituents to adapt our current academic programs, and add innovative new programs as the practice of natural medicine continues to respond to the changing needs and expectations of society and the communities we serve.

The success of our graduates is at the core of our mission and purpose. The ideal candidate will inspire the dedication of the NUNM community in supporting that core value. As the guardian of student success and future professional vitality, our future president will endeavor to support the faculty and staff to continue in the development of NUNM as a world-class university. In so doing, our next leader will support the professional advancement of faculty and staff, and work with the campus community to provide excellent scholarship and teaching, while overseeing the responsible stewardship of NUNM’s purpose and identity. The president will be attentive to and supportive of matters of shared governance, a strong tradition at NUNM, which fosters trust and effective dialogue. At the same time, our new leader will demonstrate excellent listening skills, as well as openness and empathy in addressing the needs of both planning and decision-making.

In addition, managing and improving NUNM’s financial status effectively is key to building the funding base from multiple sources, while providing sustainable quality education in the traditions of natural medicine. Recognizing the complexities of building bridges and partnerships with other medical providers and education institutions is key to furthering the goals and success of NUNM graduates, and enhancing our research capacity to conduct exemplary evidence-based studies on the impact and outcomes of natural medicine. This will require vigorous interpretation of the purpose, goals and successes of NUNM—as well as a deep understanding of its value to key stakeholders and supporters of natural medicine practice.

We are seeking a president who will lead the implementation of the current strategic plan, set the priorities for the next strategic planning cycle, and guide the campus through the next NWCCU accreditation cycle. This will require clarity and transparency in the setting of priorities, roles and timing of implementation, and the wise allocation of financial and staff resources. This process will also serve as a powerful signal of our purpose and intent to the external community and to other institutions that offer education in natural medicine across the country.

Our next president will demonstrate experience with a rapidly changing academic and world environment. This individual will be knowledgeable about the innovative development of educational programs, community partnerships and academic quality that will enhance the career prospects of NUNM graduates, while demonstrating keen responsiveness to local, regional and national requirements for quality health care.

The successful candidate will wisely utilize the talents of the Board of Directors and key external constituencies within the region and beyond. Our next president will serve as a bridge-builder, expanding and strengthening connections to community organizations and diverse communities. We seek an experienced, seasoned administrator with an understanding of the academic enterprise and the many factors that will shape its future.

Qualifications and Experience

The presidential position requires an innovative leader who is also an excellent communicator and a strategic thinker. Our president must be a person of stature in the higher education community or another field related to natural medicine, ready to lead NUNM as it continues to enhance its position as the national leader in natural medicine education, training and research.

  • An earned doctorate, terminal degree or extraordinary accomplishments in a field relevant to the mission of NUNM
  • Senior leadership in a complex organization, and experience in helping constituents deliberate and achieve strategic consensus
  • A history of ensuring an excellent student life and learning experience
  • A proven ability to work collaboratively with shared governance
  • Demonstrated excellence in resource management and development
  • A demonstrated commitment to the mission of NUNM
  • Demonstrated success as a fundraiser
  • Commitment to the highest degree of professional ethics and ethical leadership
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a range of external constituents, including alumni, donors, leaders in both the private and public sectors, legislators, and the media
  • Experience collaborating with other educational institutions for mutual benefit and the advancement of the natural medicine professions
  • A track record of bringing diverse voices to the table and creating a culture of equity and inclusion
  • Proven ability to deal with difficult situations; skillful at gaining input from members of the campus and broader community; and communicating decisions effectively and successfully
  • An understanding of the important academic and business issues facing NUNM and other institutions in the coming years; and evidence of the ability to develop workable responses to the changing environment shaping higher education
  • Evidence of the capacity to learn from others; to listen thoughtfully; to communicate clearly and convincingly; and to connect with, inspire and recruit faculty, staff and students, as well as individuals from all walks of life in the broader community