Curriculum – Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences (Online)

The Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences (BSiHS) program at the National University of Natural Medicine offers a dynamic curriculum comprising three core threads: Integrative Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.  

Within the BSiHS curriculum, you will develop a deep understanding of integrative health grounded in scientific principles. Your courses will also help you to acquire a foundation in the basic medical sciences while establishing the ethical framework and self-reflection necessary for the healthcare profession, including skills in communication and teamwork. You will gain proficiency in research methods and scientific inquiry, honing information literacy skills for academic, personal, and professional purposes. Additionally, students can further explore specific areas of interest through elective courses and cross-listed classes from NUNM’s graduate degree programs.  

Year One

Fall  See Course Descriptions 
Course Catalog  Course  Credits 
IM 311 Introduction to Integrative Medicine 3.00 
IM 321 Critical Thinking for Pre-Health Professionals 3.00 
NS 311Anatomy and Physiology Lecture  4.00
NS 312Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1.00
SS 311 Self-Care and Self-Management 3.00 
First-Year Fall Total Credits 14.00 

Winter  See Course Description 
Course Catalog  Course  Credits 
IM 422 Introduction to Botanical Medicine 4.00 
NS 324 Organic Chemistry I with Lab 3.00 
SS 321 Culture, Identity and Emotion 3.00 
SS 331 Advanced Writing and Self-Reflective Skills 3.00 
First-Year Winter Total Credits 13.00 

Spring See Course Description 
Course Catalog  Course  Credits 
IM 331 Exercise Science 3.00 
NS 322 Immunology 4.00 
NS 334 Organic Chemistry II with Lab 3.00 
SS 332 Intercultural Communication Skills 3.00 
SS 312 Introduction to Medical Anthropology 3.00 
First-Year Spring Total Credits 16.00 

First-Year Total Credits: 43 

Year Two

Summer See Course Description 
Course Catalog  Course  Credits 
NS 401 Biochemistry for Life Sciences 4.00 
Electives* 2.00 
Second-Year Summer Total Credits 6.00 

Fall See Course Description 
Course Catalog  Course  Credits 
IM 411 Health Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine 3.00 
NS 411 Biostatistics for Pre-Health Majors 3.00 
NS 412 Scientific and Professional Communication 3.00 
NS 413 Introduction to Research Methods 3.00 
Second-Year Fall Total Credits 12.00 

Winter See Course Description Credits 
Course Catalog  Course  4.00 
NS 321 Genetics 3.00 
NS 421 Evidence-Based Practice for Pre-Health Professionals 3.00 
SS 421 Ethics and Philosophical Dilemmas 2.00 
SS 422 Careers: From Undergraduate Degree to Employment 
Second-Year Winter Total Credits 16.00 

Spring See Course Description 
Course Catalog  Course  Credits 
NU 431 Whole Food: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition 4.00 
NS 432 Physics with Lab 5.00 
SS 499 Undergraduate Capstone 3.00 
Elective* 3.00 
Second-Year Spring Total Credits 14.00 

Second-Year Total Credits: 48 

Total Core Credits: 83 

Total Elective Credits: 8 (8 required, students may take up to 18) 

Total Required Credits: 91