An increasing number of states are adopting naturopathic licensing laws requiring a minimum of one post–doctoral year of clinical training. The National University of Natural Medicine has assumed a leadership role as the first naturopathic and Chinese medicine institution to develop this type of residency program.

We have a well established residency program that is certified by the Council of Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). Additionally, we have an AOM Residency Program which is offered in a one-year post-graduate training at our campus Health Center and at a private clinic in Portland.

ND Residency Opportunities

On-Site First Year ND Residency Opportunities

Currently all residency opportunities have been filled. Check back for future opportunities.

On-Site Second & Third Year Residency Opportunities

Currently all residency opportunities have been filled. Check back for future opportunities.

AOM Residency Opportunities

On-Site First Year Residency Opportunities

NUNM Health Centers, Portland, OR 
Lauri Elizabeth, LAc

  • One (1) Full-time, 53 week Position
  • Start date: late August 2018
  • Salary $30,000
  • General practice with time primarily spent assisting faculty and students at the NUNM Lair Hill Health Center with possible shifts at the Beaverton Clinic.
  • Two to three private shifts to treat your own patients.
  • Choose a clinical mentor from among NUNM’s faculty to guide your self-directed learning for the year.
  • Attend and assist on a Traditional Mentorship Tutorial course for three terms.
  • Assist in academic and open lab settings. Opportunity to teach two elective courses in the program.
  • Other projects and activities, as determine by your supervisor.
  • Strong academic and teaching background preferred.

Residencies – Non NUNM Health Centers

Oregon Residencies

Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center, Portland, OR
Stephen Higgins, LAc

  • One (1) Full-Time, 12 month Position
  • Start date: Fall 2018
  • Salary: $30,000
  • General practice with specialties in: chronic and acute pain, mental health, and internal medicine
  • Participate in the care of patients, case discussion, receive mentoring in herbal prescriptions.
  • Supervisors’ primary mentors and teachers: Dr Leon Hammer, Brandt Stickley, META institute
  • Modalities practiced include: acupuncture, bodywork, herbal medicine, mindful somatic processing
  • Assist in teaching Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis seminars
  • Assist in practice management
  • Cover 2019 patient load while practitioner on vacation