R90 Mentors

Applicants are highly encouraged to examine the research interests of the following people, but do not need to contact potential mentors until they have been accepted into the R90 program. Applicants may state potential mentors in their application if desired.

Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH: CIH treatments, modalities, and disciplines

Joshua Goldenberg, ND: Evidence synthesis, gastroenterology systematic reviews

Scott Mist, PhD, MAcOM: CIH for treatment of pain, mechanisms of central sensitivity of pain, light sensitivity

Barry Oken, MD, PhD: Mind-body medicine, cognitive and physiologic effects of stress

Amala Soumyanath, PhD: Botanical medicines, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetic neuropathy, vitiligo

Heather Zwickey, PhD: CIH treatment on inflammation and nutrition and neuroinflammation in Parkinson’s disease