T90 Mentors

Applicants are highly encouraged to examine the research interests of the following people, but do not need to contact potential mentors until they have been accepted into the T90 program. Applicants may state potential mentors in their application if desired.

John Amory, MD: Mechanistic studies, Natural products mechanistic translational research; Transitioning from in vivo animal to human models.

Cathryn Booth-LaForce, PhD: Child development, CIH Treatments

Roger Bumgarner, PhD: Molecular physics and gene sequencing, Proteomics / Metabolomics

Julia Yue Cui, PhD: Microbiome, regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes, ontogeny

Ian de Boer, MD, MS: Natural products; Clinical Trials; Epidemiology

Heather Greenlee, PhD, MPH, ND: CIH for improving symptoms, side effects and quality of life among cancer survivors, cancer prevention

Margaret Heitkemper, RN, PhD: Stress, behavior, gastrointestinal symptoms and sleep

Jonathan Himmelfarb, MD: Natural products, Herbal medicine, Clinical Trials

Mark Jensen, PhD: Measures of pain, pain beliefs and pain coping strategies, development and evaluation of psychosocial pain interventions

Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon, PhD, MN: Mindfulness and depression, anxiety, and stress during pregnancy

David Kearny, MD: Mindfulness in PTSD

Liliana Lengua, PhD: Mindfulness, Psychosocial stress, Research in vulnerable populations, including children

Yvonne Lin, PhD: Natural products; Drug/nutrient interactions, Analytical chemistry; Metabolomics

Paula Nurius, PhD: Behavioral research, Research in vulnerable populations

Cynthia Price, PhD: Stress, Pain, Mental Health, Mind/Body, MBSR, Healing Touch; Mixed-methods and qualitative research

Helene Starks, PhD, MPH: Biomedical Ethics, Mixed-methods and Qualitative research

Kenneth Thummel, PhD: Inter-individual variability in drug clearance; role of DMEs in adverse drug responses, pharmacogenetics vitamin D, research ethics and policies for underserved populations

Jashvant Unadkat, PhD: Natural product-drug interactions with antiviral drugs, pregnancy and fetal pharmacology, in vitro to in vivo extrapolation

Monica Vavilala, MD: Traumatic brain injury: epidemiology, acute care, outcomes, mechanisms and prevention

Teresa Ward, PhD, MSN: Promotion of sleep health, symptom science, health outcomes