Residency Programs

Develop ND Residency

Thank you for considering hosting a resident. It is an experience that we have found not only enriches the life of a new doctor, but also helps grow your practice and advances our profession.

Apply to be an ND Residency Site

If you would like to become an official residency site through NUNM, we ask that you read through and complete the application materials below. Alternatively, please contact our office if you would rather receive a hard-copy packet of the materials. We are happy to answer your questions and to help guide you through this process.

Once you complete the application material, we present your site and the proposed residency position to NUNM’s Post Graduate Medical Education Committee (PMEC) for approval.  Upon approval from the committee, we notify the CNME that we have accepted your site. All of this is needed for your resident to receive an official certificate of completion of a year residency in general practice from the CNME.

Application Materials

Before a resident starts working at your clinic, NUNM also will need an affiliation agreement signed from you. This agreement states that your clinic is one of NUNM’s sponsored sites and that you agree to the philosophy of the residency program and agree to the educational/training guidelines that the CNME and NUNM set forth. We will send you via email a copy of an affiliation agreement for your review.

Each of NUNM’s distant sites are on a one year’s probationary period; during which time we have to complete all necessary paperwork, complete a site visit, and essentially decide whether this is a good fit for you, your resident and NUNM.  Our hope, of course, is that you will decide to continue your position in the future, whether it is for a second–year resident or a new first–year resident.  As you know, there is a tremendous demand in our profession for residency sites, as only a small portion of our graduates are able to complete additional years of residency training.

Need More Information?

Please feel free to email us or call for further questions and/or concerns.  We want to sincerely thank you for considering joining the Residency Program. We are grateful for any role you can play in providing residency opportunities. Residency is a powerful learning opportunity for our graduates, and your time and energy are greatly appreciated.

Dee Saunders, ND, MS
Associate Dean, Residency, College of Naturopathic Medicine