Residency Programs

ND Residency FAQs

cnmeWhat is a CNME–certified residency?

The Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) is the accrediting body for naturopathic medical education programs. By selecting a CNME–approved residency an applicant can be assured that a site will be held accountable for providing a well–rounded education with appropriate mentoring, clinical structure, continuing education, salary, etc.

How do I start my own residency?

We encourage students to preceptor at and network with clinics of their choosing. This is a great way to understand the dynamics of a clinic and understand what type of clinic would be best to complete a residency. If you find a site or a physician who is interested in hosting a resident, please connect them with the residency department.

What is the process to apply for ND residency?

Register on the AANMC application portal here. You can download the How-To document from the Document Library to learn how to navigate the portal and how to apply to residencies. Access and review important deadlines, review residency application timeline and begin the process to apply for residency on the AANMC portal.

When do residencies begin?

The residency year usually begins the first week of October each year.

How do I make sure that I know about all residency options?

Register on the AANMC application portal here. You can download the How-To document from the Document Library to learn how to navigate the portal. All open residency positions are posted in the “Jobs” section of the portal.

Can I apply to one school if I attended another school?

Any graduate of a CNME–accredited, four–year Naturopathic Medical program may apply to any of the residency programs.

As an international student am I eligible to apply for a residency?

Please be aware that you are required to be licensed as an ND in the U.S. to participate as a resident in the NUNM residency program. Many states have differing licensure laws and we suggest that you research the licensure rules and regulations for the state in which you are applying for a residency position. Also, if you are selected to be a resident, you will be required to demonstrate that you are legally eligible to work in this country at the time your residency begins. Historically, applicants have found it beneficial to hire an immigration attorney. This is at the applicant’s expense.

How much do naturopathic residents make?

Salaries range from $38,000 to $80,000 per year depending on the site and residency year. Residency sites must cover malpractice insurance for the resident and are strongly encouraged to provide full benefits. Sites may offer production bonuses, but the base salary must be set prior to the residency start date and cannot be dependent upon revenue generated.

Are naturopathic doctors required to do a residency?

At this time, Utah is the only state that requires a residency for licensure. However, as other states look at licensing NDs a required residency may become more common.