10 SIBO Friendly Snacks

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SIBO Center’s nutritionist, Kristy Regan, MScN (‘15), discusses nutrition as it relates to SIBO. Want to learn more about SIBO? Sign up for SIBO Center’s newsletter and visit the SIBO Center website for more information.

It’s important to remember that leaving 4-5 hours between meals to support the migrating motor complex (MMC) is best. The MMC performs a powerful cleaning wave that sweeps the small intestine between meals.

However, it is important to also pay attention to your immediate health and wellness. Take note next time you’re hungry. Are you feeling dizzy, lethargic or have a headache from hunger? In that case, a snack may be necessary. If you have malabsorption issues or you are underweight, it is more likely that you may not be able to wait four to five hours between meals. In that case, try to have a snack as close to meal time as possible so you are getting as much time in between meals and snacks as possible. For instance, if you have breakfast at 8 a.m., try to wait until 11 a.m. for a snack and then eat lunch at noon. Over time, you may be able to widen the time between meals.

For those times you do need a snack to tide you over before your next meal, here are 10 straightforward and SIBO friendly snacks.

  1. Bone Broth: Bone broth is healing as well as easily portable via a mason jar or a travel mug. You can also add different ingredients to punch it up. It’s hydrating and cozy during the winter. In the summer, you may sweat a bit when you drink warm liquid but then that sweat will evaporate, creating an overall cooling response.
  2. Olives: There are a variety of green and black olives available in individual packets. Make sure you read ingredients before you buy as some brands contain garlic. Olives contain healthy fat which can help you stay satiated until your next meal.
  3. Nuts: You can roast your own nuts at home and divide them into individual servings or buy packets of individual or mixed nuts or seeds like pumpkin seeds, almonds, or macadamia nuts. Nuts can be hard to digest so sometimes having a smaller pack may help you from accidentally eating too many.
  4. Hard Boiled Eggs: Many stores like Trader Joe’s or Costco offer pre-cooked and shelled hard boiled eggs. If you tolerate eggs, they have a great balance of healthy fats and protein.
  5. FODY Food Snacks: FODY Foods offers low FODMAP snack bars, trail mix packs and even BBQ chips.
  6. Sophia’s Survival Food Beef Jerky: This brand’s original flavor doesn’t include garlic and comes from grass-fed beef.
  7. Gummies: If you have a little bit of time, making gummies can be fun and they make great snacks! You can make them extra sour, fruit flavored or even use chocolate or matcha tea powder for interesting flavor combinations.
  8. Nut Butter Packs: Make your own or there are packs available such as Artasana Almond butter, FBomb pecan and macadamia nut butter combo (the F stands for fat!), Justin’s or Barney Butter (both Justin’s and Barney contain sugar).
  9. 24 hour Yogurt: White Mountain yogurt is a 24 hour yogurt available at many Whole Foods or New Seasons locations or you can always make your own 24 hour yogurt. Add some fruit, sweetener, nuts or whatever else sounds good and you have a great on-the-go snack.
  10. Pork Rinds: Pork rinds supply protein and fat and higher end brands like Epic use organic, non-gmo, pastured, and antibiotic free pork.