Alum Highlight: Dr. Mia Grothman’s Story

“I’ve heard the assumption that to engage with naturopathic medicine, you have to decidedly choose then and there between holistic or conventional Western care, but this is definitely untrue. While some of my patients prefer exclusively using holistic medicine, I would say for the majority of my patients, I work collaboratively with their conventional primary care provider, with their oncology team or whichever specialists are a part of their care.

NUNM alum Dr. Mia Grothman (’18) shared her story in an interview with Coeur d’Alene Press last week. In it, she discusses bringing what she learned about health care in France to the US, how she helps patients cope with the pandemic, and misconceptions about naturopathic medicine. Dr. Grothman graduated from the ND program and now practices family medicine in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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