5 Ways to Give Back to the NUNM Community

This season of giving thanks, we’re thankful for the thousands of NUNM alumni and the greater NUNM community — all who practice natural medicine worldwide.

NUNM alumni are giving back to their communities every day by providing health education, hands-on practice, and mentorship. Together, we are creating a community that’s transforming the lives of countless patients every day, and the future of health care. Join your fellow NUNM alumni by making a difference in the lives of current students. Here are five ways that you can give back to our community and advance the natural medicine profession.

1. Become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador

Remember how many questions you had as a prospective student?

As an Alumni Admissions Ambassador, you can help prospective students locally and globally as they consider enrolling at NUNM. Meetings take place by phone, video call, or email—whichever option is most convenient for you and the prospective student.

Being an ambassador is not only a great way to make new connections with and keep tabs on the next generation of healers, but also to share your valuable experiences from your time as an NUNM student and natural medicine professional!

Contact the NUNM Admissions Team to learn more: admissions@nunm.edu

2. Become an ND Preceptor

A vital part of medical education, preceptors engage students in a variety of clinical activities and demonstrate application of the art and science of medicine in practice. Preceptorship can include observation of practice, medical history-taking, physical and diagnostic examinations, and the observation or participation in therapeutic interventions and patient education.

With the ability to participate in patient care in a real-world setting, students become better prepared for their own practice. With your guidance, students grow their ability to think critically, make decisions, act professionally, and refine their organization skills. And your generosity reinforces the power of giving back to the community and natural medicine profession.

Visit https://nunm.edu/preceptorships/ for more information.

3. Make a Monetary Gift

For 65 years, NUNM has paved the way in natural medicine education and evidence-based research. We’ve grown from five students and a single naturopathic program to hundreds of students, thousands of alumni, and several degree programs.

But there is more good work to be done. As we embark on the next 65 years, we invite you to invest in NUNM’s growth: expanded degree offerings, relocation to an innovative new campus, and growth of our research and clinical capacities.

Donate today: https://nunm.edu/donate/

4. Share Your Story

Your voice matters. You have the power and the passion to transform lives through storytelling. Lend your voice to the collective conversation around natural medicine and community healing.

How has NUNM influenced your journey? What brought you to your chosen career path? What exciting research, clinical, or advocacy work are you involved with?

Share your story by emailing NUNM Marketing.

5. Hire Fellow Alumni and Current Students

Hiring fellow alumni and current students is another great way to give back while building your business or practice for increased success.

Whether you are looking to hire new graduates, seasoned professionals, mid-level associates, or current students, we encourage you to utilize MyCareer to advertise your position opportunities to your fellow alumni or current students. There is no cost to post jobs and this system allows you to list the opportunity, collect resumes, and review profiles.

To create and manage your employer profile, visit MyCareer.

Stronger Together

NUNM’s community is known for our tenacity, our resilience, and our commitment to healing. NUNM is on a bright path forward, and we are filled with appreciation for the community we are growing together and becoming stronger.

Contact alumni@nunm.edu to learn more about how you can become more deeply connected to NUNM through these and other ways.