Medical Research on a Natural Hops Product

“I’ve worked with xanthohumol now for 20 years,” Stevens said. “Every time we’ve found a positive effect … I’m very excited about the research.”

Researchers at NUNM and Oregon State University are looking at the health effects of xanthohumol—an extract from hops, the ingredient that beer is made from. The research was recently featured in the Yakima Herald because of its innovative approach to a natural hops product.

Focused on the anti-inflammatory properties of xanthohumol, the study from Helfgott Research Institute is looking particularly at the effects of hops on people with Crohn’s Disease. Helfgott investigators conduct rigorous research on the art and science of healing, specifically working to understand natural forms of medicine. This is one of their most recent projects.

The study is currently recruiting participants with Crohn’s to help inform the research. Learn more about the study, and read the full article from the Yakima Herald here.

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