Study Holistic Nutrition at NUNM

At NUNM, our nutrition programs are built on the idea that food is medicine. In our programs, you will learn effective techniques to manage or alleviate some of the major health challenges of our modern world: inflammation, microbiome imbalance, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease.

Nutrition is becoming increasingly more complex. You’ll venture beyond the food pyramid with cooking as a holistic approach to health, food and farm worker justice and disease prevention. We focus on whole, unprocessed foods and individualized diets. Our food is medicine philosophy is represented in every course we teach.

“When I found NUNM, I had an ‘aha moment,’ and sighed with relief: this nutrition program resonates with me…It’s a visionary program with phenomenal faculty.”

Keith Gittens, MScN
Master of Science in Nutrition, Class of 2015

Nutrition Degrees at NUNM

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

This program is designed for third-year students seeking an in-depth understanding of nutrition. Our curriculum features three core threads: nutrition, natural sciences and social sciences. Your studies culminate with a final capstone project, the stepping stone to the next phase of your career or continued graduate study.

Accelerated Bachelor to Master’s in Nutrition

Earn both degrees at a lower cost, and gain faster entry into the employment market. Highly qualified students may apply for acceptance into the three-year bachelor to master’s program. Upon successful completion of the requirements, students will earn a bachelor degree at the end of the second year and a master’s in nutrition (MScN) degree at the end of the third academic year.

Master of Science in Nutrition

NUNM’s master’s program is designed to get you out of the classroom and into our state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. You will learn how to put the latest nutrition research to work, and analyze nutrient content of diets to best facilitate dietary changes associated with optimizing health. Additionally, you will acquire the skills to plan menus and cook whole-foods based, nutritious meals appropriate for different medical conditions.

Master of Science in Nutrition (Online)

Can’t make it to Portland for class—no problem! Our online nutrition program stands apart from other online degrees, as you will attain cooking skills, recipe development and meal planning, all based on nutritional requirements. Just like our on-campus programs, you will learn to design nutritional interventions, reducing disease and supporting quality of life for your future clients and much more.