2017- 2018 Research

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NIH-Funded Research

Building research across interdisciplinary gaps (BRIDG) clinical research training program
Researchers: Zwickey H, Bradley R
Funding: NCCIH R90, 2015-2020

The effect of respiration rate during pranayama practice on the autonomic nervous system
Researchers: Lacombe A, Bradley R
Funding: NCCIH R90, 2015-2020

Mindfulness-based stress reduction for multiple sclerosis: feasibility, durability, and clinical outcomes
Researchers: Senders A, Shinto L,Bourdette D, Oken B, Zwickey H
Funding: NCCIH K23, 2015-2020

Privately-Funded Research

Safety and Tolerability Study of Divinia water on Liver and Renal Function
Researchers: Bradley R, Phipps J, Hanes D

Evaluation of a targeted methylation balancing intervention on biomarkers of methylation and quality of life
Researchers: Erlandsen A, Bradley R

Multi-biomarker exploration of SIBO: an observational study
Researchers: Menk Otto L, Saunders D, Bradley R

Prospective safety and tolerability assessment of intravenous vitamin C for lyme disease
Researchers: Erlandsen A, Tichauer C

Current Student Research Projects

Associations between nutritional factors and hsCRP in adults with pre-diabetes
Researchers: Pickworth K, Bradley R

Blood micronutrient analysis, dietary habits, and Parkinson’s disease symptom severity: a cross-sectional study
Researchers: Fiordalisi C, Zwickey H

Case report: use of the classical Chinese science of bazi suanming in a Chinese medicine clinical setting
Researchers: Littlefield R, Zwickey H

Herbal tinctures to enhance or replace antibiotics
Researchers: Corn J, Vasilevsky N

Intestinal permeability and its relationship with food sensitivity and autoimmunity
Researchers: Tiroke N, Bradley R

In vitro analysis of medicinal mushrooms for cancer
Researchers: Costa M, Panutich E, Tibbitts D

Meditative neuroplasticity: the effect of qi gong meditation on brain-derived neurotrophic factor and cortisol levels
Researchers: Whitney T, Gard M, Zwickey H

A mixed-methods evaluation of local community health education on food intake and behavior change
Researchers: Tippens K, Graybill R

Natural treatments for type 2 diabetes management and their effects on insulin like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF1R) incolorectal cancer cell lines
Researchers: Thompson B, Tibbitts D

Recently Completed Student Research Projects

A prospective evaluation of an ayurvedic product on safety, adherence and quality of life in adults with hypertension
Researchers: Ryan J, Bradley R
Funding: Ayush Herbs, Inc

Effect of a comprehensive nutrition support product on the nutritional status of adults with inflammatory bowel disease
Researchers: Ryan J, Bradley R

Impact of IgG food sensitivity elimination diet in an overweight/obese population: a mixed methods evaluation of local community health education on food intake and behavior change
Researchers: Graybill R, Tippens K

Nutritional status and quality of life in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Researchers: Dunlap C, Bradley R

Amnion® aquatics therapy: a case series
Researchers: David K, Hodsdon W

The association between socioeconomic status and out-of-hospital obstetrical outcomes
Researchers: Edwards J, Galati L

Breast cancer cell replication and plant extracts
Researchers: Thorne E, Tibbitts D

CAM modalities and Hashimoto’s disease: a case series
Researchers: Mulvaney T, Schafer M

Case series of escharotic treatment for CIN II/III
Researchers: Barber R, Windstar K, Tippens K

Case series of naturopathic treatment for lyme disease
Researcher: Hatfield J

Conceptualizing integrative medicine: a qualitative study using focus groups
Researchers: Taxman E, Tippens K

Curcumin and inflammation: bench to bedside
Researchers: Chandranata I, Vasilevsky N

Effects of the combined use of n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), probiotics, and metronidazole gel on recurrence of chronic bacterial vaginosis
Researchers: Conlon E, Dunlap C

Effects of MSM on markers of oxidative stress and muscle damage following exhaustive exercise
Researchers: Withee E, Tippens K

Effects on blood sugar of pasteurized versus unpasteurized juice
Researchers: Klenk S, Menk Otto L

Empathy and burnout among naturopathic medical students
Researchers: Hicks M, Gard M

Escharotic treatment for HPV
Researchers: Barbour R, Tippens K

Citrus pectin and breast cancer cell adhesion
Researchers: Callan N, Panutich E

Ginseng’s effect on the phytochemistry of sauerkraut
Researchers: Coletto N, Tippens K

IBS and depression: a systematic review
Researchers: Neuendorf R, Wahbeh H

The impact of popular and social media on perceptions of healthy meals and food purchasing decisions among mothers of preschoolers
Researchers: Anderson S, Reeder J

In vitro efficacy of natural spermicide
Researchers: Wolfe S, Hodsdon W

Patient perspectives on dietary recommendations for head trauma patients
Researchers: Pearce H, Fuller L

Peat mud therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee
Researchers: Rogers L, Beil K

Prospective case series examining the effects of singing bowl therapy on stress, pain, and reported symptoms
Researchers: Belikoff-Strads N, Hodsdon W

Qi gong for multiple sclerosis: a feasibility study
Researchers: Buttolph L, Senders A

Reliability of three constitutional questionnaires in Ayurveda diagnosis
Researchers: Nygaard C, Dunlap C

Secular trends in health-related quality of life among older women with breast cancer, 1998-2013
Researchers: Speers A, Tibbitts D

SIBO delphi panel
Researchers: Saunders D, Menk Otto L

Systematic review-integrating yoga into the body project: a mixed methods feasibility study
Researchers: Beccia A, Senders A

West African birthing perspectives: a mixed-methods study of obstetric practices in Ghanaian women in the Greater Accra Region
Researchers: Hodsdon W, Tuson-Turner M