Contact the Office of Admissions for more information about the on-campus and online degree programs offered by the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM).


For questions, contact:
Financial Aid: Sally Kalstrom
First-Time Student Scholarships: Office of Admissions
Returning Student Scholarships: Dr. Carrie Baldwin-Sayre

First-Time Student Scholarships

Early Scholarship Priority deadline:
February 1, 2023
Each year a limited amount of scholarship funds are available exclusively for new and incoming NUNM students. The scholarship application and required essay must be submitted along with your admissions application.

Available awards:
Academic Excellence (GPA of 3.8 or higher) – ND students
Academic Achievement (GPA of 3.5 or higher) – ND students
Academic Merit (GPA of 3.0 or higher) – ND, CCM students
Academic Accomplishment (no GPA requirement) – Undergraduate/Graduate Studies
Excellence in Diversity (all programs) – For Black/Non-Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latinx and Asian/Pacific Islander students

Returning Student Scholarships

Applications open: Spring, 2023
Through the generosity of our donors, NUNM is able to offer scholarships to assist returning students with the cost of education. Available scholarships are listed below; visit the individual scholarship pages for details and eligibility requirements.

Returning Student Scholarship opportunities, eligibility and deadlines for the 2023 academic year will be announced in the spring. Scholarship recipients are announced each September.



The Returning Student Scholarship application will be posted in the Spring. Applicants will be asked to upload scholarship-specific essays at the end of the application. Students may apply for more than one scholarship if they are eligible. 


  1. All essays, unless otherwise instructed, must be no less than 470 words and no more than 500 words. 
  2. Essays must be uploaded in Word format.
  3. The essay title should be the name of the scholarship for which the student is applying, unless otherwise instructed.  
  4. The applicant’s name should NOT be placed anywhere in the title of the essay or body of the essay in order to ensure a blinded process. While applicant’s name and email address is captured in the upload process, it will be separated from the essay prior to committee review.  
  5. Essays should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font.
  6. The name of the scholarship should be placed at the top of the essay.
  7. Using the Word Count feature, place the total Word Count of the essay at the top, below the title. Do not include the essay title or any references in the word count. 

Scholarship Award and Financial Aid 

All students receiving financial aid will have any scholarship awards included as part of their award package. We encourage all students, domestic and international, to complete the FAFSA application online with National University of Natural Medicine School Code of B07624.  Scholarship funds will be divided into three equal installments and disbursed to the recipient in fall, winter and spring terms. Scholarship recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress as a condition for receiving a scholarship. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the scholarship. This policy applies to both internal and external scholarship funding sources. 

When Awarded a Scholarship 

Most scholarship recipients are expected to write a letter of thanks to the donor (where applicable). Awardees will be informed of expectations for each scholarship. Letters should be delivered to the Office of Advancement and will be forwarded to the donor(s). We also request that awardees provide a brief biography for use on the NUNM scholarship recipient webpage.  

2022-23 Scholarships

1,000 Friends of NUNM Scholarship, $3,000 (multiple awards available) 

This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of many donors to the 1,000 Friends of NUNM fund. This need-based scholarship will be awarded to full-time current students in any degree program at NUNM. 

Diipali Barrett Scholarship, $5,000

The Dr. Diipali Barrett Scholarship was established to honor the life and work of Diipali (Deborah) Barrett, ND, an NUNM alumna and faculty member.  It will be awarded to a current student in the ND and/or MSIMR programs. Applicants for this scholarship must demonstrate social responsibility working individually and in collective effort.

NCMIC Scholarship, $5,000

The purpose of the NCMIC Scholarship is to enrich NUNM’s learning community by recognizing and supporting outstanding students from the Naturopathic Program within one year of graduation who identify in an underrepresented population that includes consideration of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and socio-economic status. It is made possible by a generous donation from long-time NUNM partner, NCMIC.  

Percy & Adrienne Frazier Scholarship, $5,000 (multiple awards available)

The Percy & Adrienne Frazier Scholarship is a need-based scholarship and will be awarded to current full-time students in any degree program at NUNM. It is made possible by a generous donation from the Frazier family.

Peterson Family Scholarship, $5,000

The Peterson Family Scholarship will be awarded to current full-time students in any degree program at NUNM. It is made possible by a generous donation from the Peterson family.

Robert Sklovsky Scholarship, $5,000 (2 available)

The Dr. Robert Sklovsky Memorial Scholarship enriches NUNM’s learning community by recognizing and supporting outstanding students from underrepresented populations that include consideration of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and socio-economic status. This scholarship invests in the inherent value of all people and recognizes that a healthy community includes individuals from various backgrounds, with diverse talents, interests, and life experiences. This scholarship honors diversity. It is made possible by a generous donation from Kathy Davis.

Standard Process Scholarship, $5,000 (2 available)

The Standard Process Scholarship will be awarded to students enrolled in the Naturopathic Program. It is made possible by a generous donation from long-time NUNM partner, Standard Process.

Gary Weiner Integrative Gastroenterology Scholarship, $5,000

The Dr. Gary Weiner Scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in the Naturopathic Program with a focus in Integrative Gastroenterology. Student must be in their 4th, 5th, or 6th year in academic year 2021/22. It was founded in honor of Gary Weiner, ND, by Ellen Goldsmith, LAc (’99) and made possible by generous donations from our community.

Oregon Tribal Student Grant

Are you an enrolled Oregon tribal member going to college and need money for college for the 2022‐23 academic year? Apply today for the Oregon Tribal Student Grant! This new grant program is expected to pay for most or all public college‐related expenses—including tuition, housing, books, and other costs not covered by other grants— for eligible Oregon tribal students.

It can be applied toward undergraduate or graduate study at Oregon public colleges and universities as well as eligible private non‐profit institutions, where award amounts can go up to the public institution maximum level, in the upcoming 2022‐23 school year.

The priority deadline for students enrolling in the Fall 2022 term is August 1st, 2022 at 5 pm. To meet this deadline, students must have a valid 2022‐23 FAFSA or ORSAA and submit an application. Additional information can be found on the Oregon Tribal Student Grant website.

Questions? Call (541) 687‐7400 or email


Pride Foundation Scholarships

Happy National Coming Out Day and opening day of Pride Foundation Scholarship season! We’ve been watching the leaves change color and recovering from our first colds of the school season, which means it is finally time—our 2023 scholarship application is now open.

Our scholarships fund LGBTQ+ students who are leaders—in their own lives, in their families, in their home communities, in their field of study, in their workplace, or in our movements for justice. Our program provides resources to students who need it most, regardless of school, major, or GPA.

Since awarding our first scholarship in 1993, we have awarded over $7 million to more than 2,300 students in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Through the incredible generosity of our community, Pride Foundation has more than 60 scholarship funds—and students only need to complete one application.

Applications are due Friday, January 6th, 2023, and any LGBTQ+ student who is a resident of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington state is eligible to apply. You can find out more details about the basic requirements, process, and application here.

We know that school continues to look different this year for our current and future Pride Foundation Scholars, and for all students, and we’ll need more help than ever to get the word out about this opportunity. Please help spread the word to students in your networks—or apply yourself!