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Vision & Mission

Our Mission

To educate and train physicians, practitioners and pre-professionals in the art, science and research of natural medicine.

Our Vision

NUNM is the known leader in natural medicine education, research and patient care.

Our Core Values

The values of National University of Natural Medicine are respect, integrity, creativity, innovation, environmental stewardship, commitment, and excellence.

Min Zidell Garden with green plants and a gazebo
Pictured: NUNM’s Min Zidell Healing Garden, where students and the campus community come to heal, learn and grow.

Our Core Themes

At NUNM, our students are at the core of everything we do. We have built advanced medical education programs in natural medicine, classical Chinese medicine, and related health sciences disciplines, aiding in the growth of natural and integrative medicine in North America. Our graduates are spreading across the globe to deliver natural medicine services and leadership, and NUNM will continue to compel the health industry to focus on prevention and a patient-centered system. The following is an overview of the core themes from our strategic plan (Framework for Action III, 2017-2022) and supporting objectives.

Student Success

Support successful learning.

  • Ensure that the standards for admission result in matriculation and retention of students who are academically and non-academically prepared for the rigors of medical school
  • Foster systems that support student success

Teaching and Learning

Deliver education that ensures student achievement of competencies within the art and science of natural medicine practice and research.

  • Provide comprehensive and effective support to faculty in continuously improving their competency as educators
  • Deliver curricula that enable graduates to achieve all program outcomes
  • Ensure the inclusion of natural medicine philosophical roots in curricula design

Professional Vitality

Promote the success of our graduates through our academic, clinical and research endeavors.

  • Prepare and support our graduates to work within the professions for which they are trained
  • Prepare students to engage in scholarly activities that contribute to a culture of inquiry
  • Foster a culturally safe environment that creates a sense of belonging
two images, left: students inspecting medicinal plant. right: students in a classroom
Students learn about medicinal plants in the School of Naturopathic Medicine.