On Campus Interview

Interviews are required for our two doctorate programs, Doctor of Naturopathic Program (ND) and Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine (DSOM). We understand that interviewing for medical school is an important professional milestone and NUNM wants you be prepared. Here are a few pointers to consider.

1. Know yourself. Understand why you are interested in the profession.

You are entering a specialized field and it is important to have seriously considered why you are interested in becoming a naturopathic physician or classical Chinese medicine practitioner. Do your homework, speak to current physicians or practitioners, review the curricula, and have an understanding of why you are here.

2. Know the contents of your application

Take time to review your statements, transcripts, and application. The interviewers may ask clarifying questions.

3. Be conscious of your body language

You are interviewing to become a practitioner or physician, which means interacting with patients in a clinical setting. Patients will expect your body language to be professional and
inclusive. The interview for admission is one way in which you can demonstrate your current level of skill. Crossed arms can communicate not being interested or bored. Poor eye contact communicates insecurity. The interview is the place to demonstrate you have excellent interpersonal communication skills, therefore place your hands comfortably and keep your legs and feet from shaking.

4. First impressions matter

Dress appropriately for your interview. While NUNM appreciates individuality, this generally means professional attire for the interview. Jeans, yoga pants, and sandals are not examples of professional attire.

5. NUNM Interview Style

Your admission counselor and a faculty member representing the programs to which you are applying will be your interviewers. The interview lasts approximately 45 minutes, and will consist of questions to which the interviewers will expect a response. There will also be time for questions and conversation.