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Tri-Met Bus Pass Request Form

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Bus Pass Payment Option
Note: The monthly deduction is for employees who are only paid once a month. The semi-monthly deduction is for employees who are paid twice a month.

Employee Bus Pass Policy

The TriMet's University Universal Pass Program is available to employees who work 20 hours or more a week. Adjunct faculty are not eligible. The cost of the bus pass is $8 per month available to be paid monthly with an ongoing payroll deduction or a one time payment. The bus pass is issued by the security department. Once a pass is issued it may not be returned for a refund unless the employee is separating from the institution, in which case a check will be issued for the prorated amount if there was a one time deduction. If an employee has chosen the monthly deduction option then there will be no additional refund required. Employees may also un-enroll every August.

Employees may enroll in the bus pass program at any time during the year. Employees may unenroll every August and the payroll deduction would be removed for the September payroll. Questions should be directed to the Director of Security at:

By checking the box below you acknowledge and agree to have your payroll deducted according to your above selection through August of this year.