Wellness Initiative

Welcome to NUNM Wellness!

The wellness initiative is designed to increase the opportunity for staff to focus on health and wellness in the workplace.

  • This initiative’s focus is self-care and collaboration. It is institutionally supported and focuses on natural medicine choices.
  • Wellness, self-care and collaboration are important elements in making NUNM a healthy place to work.

Elements of the Plan

  • Allocated one hour of self-care per week: Employees are allowed one hour of paid time each week to participate in self-care activities. Activities can be collaborative or solitary.
  • Community potlucks: An opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to share meals and cultures to foster diversity and inclusion.
  • Expressions of gratitude: Human Resources has available “thank you’s” that can be sent across the university to others who have helped in some way.
  • Focus bulletin boards: In selected hallways each college or school maintains a bulletin board that includes items promoting wellness, comfort, gratitude and acceptance.
  • Presentations and “Lunch & Learns”: Each school, college and institution offers or sponsors talks and presentations each term to integrate and teach our core philosophy surrounding teaching and healing. These talks and presentations help integrate a general awareness of health, healing and wellness.
  • Theme or activity-based groups: Staff will have opportunities to develop and/or join groups based on faculty and staff interests, including book clubs, walking groups, mediation and yoga sessions, running or cycling clubs, cooking and crafts.
  • Volunteer/Giving opportunities: Volunteer opportunities are hosted throughout the year to increase collaboration and increase feelings of goodness and compassion.


    • Healthy Sleeping – August 15 from 2 to 3 pm in room 321 of the academic building. Sleep plays an important part in overall health and ongoing sleep deficiency can lead to an increased risk of major health issues. Hosted by the NUNM Staff Association in conjunction with the Cascade Speakers presentation, you are invited to attend a presentation by Jessica Worley to learn how to develop healthy sleeping habits and improve your general health and well-being.
    • Cooling Potluck – August 15 from noon to 1 pmParticipate by bringing your favorite home-cooked or purchased food that keeps you cool and refreshed. Look for more details to be emailed.
    • You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself?: A Self-Reflective Intracultural Journey of Body-Shaming” Tuesday, August 21st at noonDr. Chinwe “Chi” Okeke, Associate Dean of Academics for the School of Graduate Studies, will lead a discussion on what is body shaming, its ill effects and how to combat this type of behavior. The one hour presentation will take place in the Academic Building in room 302. Mark your calendars for this special event.
      • An examination of body-shaming in its various forms and its impact on mindfulness
      • A discussion on what body shaming is and is not
      • An evaluation of tools to help recognize and combat this type of negative behavior

Community Service Opportunity

NUNM Wellness Initiative is sponsoring a donation drive for SCHOOLHOUSE SUPPLIES a local nonprofit that supports public education in the Portland area by providing free classroom supplies to students and teachers in need. Please donate and make a difference. Look for collection bins around the campus. Drive begins Monday July 23 and ends September 14. For more information contact Mary Adney – ext. 2008.