Classes & Events for the Community

Interested in natural health and want to learn more? NUNM offers a wide range of stimulating community education classes for the general public. Whether it’s learning about nutrition and healthy cooking, listening to fascinating lectures about ancient Chinese medicine or discovering how to grow herbal remedies that can boost your immune system—there’s something here for everyone.

Age Wise Institute

Launched in January of 2016 at the National University of Natural Medicine, the Age Wise Institute seeks to promote healthy aging at every age through community-based programs, education and research.

Food As Medicine Institute (FAMI)

If you’re thinking about updating your skills in the kitchen, NUNM’s celebrated Food as Medicine (FAMI) doctors will work side-by-side with you in our beautiful Charlee’s Kitchen for hands-on learning. Join us as we teach you to prepare and cook healthy, whole-foods meals for you and your family. Classes include the Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) cooking series!

Traditional Roots Institute

NUNM is bringing the people’s medicine back to the people! We offer classes for all ranges of interest—from classes for backyard gardeners to healthcare providers who want to deepen their understanding of herbal medicine and advance its clinical practice.

Women in Balance Institute

Women in Balance Institute (WIBI) is the trusted health resource for women over 40 who want information about natural ways to achieve hormone balance—essential to a woman’s overall health and well-being, greatly impacting her longevity and quality of life. This site includes the nation’s largest online directory of health providers specializing in bio-identical hormones. Healing takes place when women are empowered—empower yourself with knowledge!

Seasonal & Special Classes & Events

NUNM offers informative presentations for the general public on classical Chinese, naturopathic and botanical medicine.