Acceptable Online Coursework

Here’s a list of distance learning courses approved for NUNM program prerequisites. Note: These are suggested online prerequisite courses but that there are many other options available. Please check with your local college or university.

School Course # Course Name
Bellevue Community CollegePSYCH 100Introduction to Psychology
Bellevue Community CollegePSYCH 204General Developmental Psychology
Brigham Young UniversityPHSCS 105Introductory to Applied Physics
Chemeketa Community CollegePSY 201Psychology – Biological Emphasis
Chemeketa Community CollegePSY 237Life Span Development
Chemeketa Community CollegePSY 100Introduction to Psychology
Chemeketa Community CollegeMTH 111College Algebra
Colorado Community CollegePHY 105Conceptual Physics
Edmonds Community CollegePSYCH 100General Psychology
Everett Community CollegePSYCH 203Developmental Psychology: Lifespan
Everett Community CollegePSYCH 100General Psychology
Linn-Benton Community CollegeMTH 111College Algebra
(via Online Web Course)
North Seattle Community CollegePSY 206Developmental Psychology
North Seattle Community CollegePSY 110General Psychology
Ohio UniversityPsychology 101General Psychology
Ohio University115Pre-Calculus
Oregon State UniversityMTH 111College Algebra
(via IDL)
Oregon State UniversityPSY 350Human Lifespan Development
Oregon State UniversityPSY 498Health Psychology
(via IDL / Web )
Portland Community CollegeMTH 111College Algebra
(via Proctored exams / MSWord)
Portland Community CollegePSY 202AGeneral Psychology
(via E-mail)
Seattle Central Community CollegePSY 110General Psychology
Shoreline Community CollegePSYCH 204Lifespan Development
Shoreline Community CollegePSYCH 100General Psychology
South Seattle Community CollegeMATH 102College Algebra
South Seattle Community CollegePSY 110General Psychology
South Seattle Community CollegePSY 206Developmental Psychology
South Seattle Community CollegePSY 220Psychology of Human Relations
University of Alaska (Sitka)MATH S107College Algebra