NUNM grad Dr. Jerri Otterstrom gives ABC affiliate KEZI-TV in Eugene, Oregon, tips to beat allergy season: “Allergy season is coming, and doctors say to prepare.”

The Portland Mercury

NUNM alumna Rebecca Principe, ND, sounds a word of caution about the use of charcoal in food in, “Is Eating Activated Charcoal Safe? It’s Super Trendy in Food Circles, and Gwyneth Thinks It’s a Good Idea, Soooo… “

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March is National Nutrition Month: “Naturopathic Doctors Complete 155 Hours of Nutrition Education in Medical School” and recognize nutrition is the cornerstone of health. Poor diet is the leading preventable risk factor for disability or early death in the United States. But despite this and rising rates of obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related diseases, many …

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“Naturopathic Medicine is Growing in U.S. Medical Centers of Excellence.” More Americans are seeking complementary and natural health care providers as they focus on wellness, prevention, and whole-person care. Increasingly, consumers can find licensed naturopathic doctors as members of the professional clinical teams at medical centers of excellence around the United States.

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Master’s of Nutrition graduate Lucas Schubert is helping Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri launch the new Food as Medicine Everyday classes. In this news segment, “Make Your Own Vinaigrette Salad Dressing with Just 7 Ingredients,” Lucas shares tips about common spices, oils, dry goods, and other foods that everyone should keep in their …